Lifting techniques

Take a load off your back.

Many back injuries result from lifting too heavy a load or lifting improperly. Personal habits can be a factor too. You’re more likely to have a back injury if you’re in poor physical condition, overweight, under stress, have poor posture or overexert yourself. Practice proper lifting procedures:

  • Stand close to the load with your feet spread shoulder width apart. One foot should be slightly in front of the other for balance.
  • Squat down, bending at the knees (not your waist). Tuck your chin while keeping your back as vertical as possible.
  • Get a firm grasp of the object before beginning the lift.
  • Slowly begin straightening your legs, lifting slowly. Never twist your body during this step.
  • Once the lift is complete, keep the object as close to the body as possible to prevent stress to the lumbar region of the back.

Back injuries caused by improper lifting are a major cause of work-related disability and lost work days.

And that’s smart safety!

For additional information or guidance, contact your safety office.