FOIA: Communication

It’s Good to Talk

  • The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) contributes to an informed citizenry by providing the public with a way to access official information that sheds light on government activity. Communicating with the individual who requests information is essential to make sure the Postal Service fully complies with its legal obligations.
  • If you’re assigned a FOIA request to respond to, and you’re unsure of what the person is asking for, contact him or her and clarify the request. Also, if you can’t process the request within the applicable time period, contact the person by phone about the delay and followup with an email confirming the discussion.

Maintaining good communication and keeping individuals who make FOIA requests informed about their requests promotes good relationships between the Postal Service and customers, and reduces the likelihood that the customer will seek compliance through an administrative appeal or litigation.

And that’s smart business.