Mail Incident Reporting

Don’t shirk the MIRT.

The Mailpiece Incident Report Tool — MIRT — ensures workplace hazards associated with spills and leaks are investigated and tracked. MIRT records mail incidents involving nonmailable items, spill and leak reports related to injuries, illness, significant property damage or disruptions to operations, as well as nonmailable items found in the mail stream. When an incident occurs, the facility manager must ensure a report is completed within 48 hours.

All USPS employees can access MIRT online at https://mirt.usps.gov/Homepage.aspx

Employees can access MIRT under the My Work tab on Blue under the Essential Links and also in the Safety Resource Tools, A-Z Safety Topics page under “M” for MIRT and under “S” for Spill and Leak Response.

Find additional information in Management Instruction EL-810-2006-3 available on the PolicyNet.

And that’s smart safety!

For additional information or guidance, contact your safety office.