The Org Chart Should Not Look Like Your Family Tree

  • A Postal Service employee is prohibited from appointing, employing, promoting, or advancing a relative; or advocating the appointment, employment,
    promotion, advancement of a relative; or using his or her official position for the private gain of a relative.
  • This means that a Postal Service employee should never be involved in a hiring decision, promotion decision, detail assignment decision, any decision
    resulting in the advancement of a relative, a transfer decision, change of domicile request, pay for performance review, or any decision that would result
    in a financial gain to a relative.

When you refrain from taking any action to advance or financially benefit your relative, you maintain a work environment free from favoritism allegations and
resentment. And you also enhance our reputation for trustworthiness and integrity.

That’s smart business.

Contact the Ethics Office (ethics.help@usps.gov) for guidance